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Basics of EU data economy regulation – fair rules for online platforms

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Mitä opin:

  • After completing the training, you will know how the new rules for digital services in the EU (the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act) will affect you, whether you are a service user or provider.
  • As a user of digital services, you will know the rules of the platforms. You will be able to defend your rights as a user, as a target of digital profiling, and as a content producer.
  • As a business user, you will know how better access to data collected by platforms can enhance your customer insight or marketing. You can also find new business opportunities for your company.

Do you produce your own content on social media platforms or advertise online? Do you search for information on search engines or use the services of online platforms for your company? As a user of digital services, you act under the terms of the companies that provide them. These companies decide who sees the content you produce and what content you see in turn.

Digital platforms such as social media play an increasingly important role in society. At the same time, problems caused by fake news or fraudulent online businesses have been recognised. New rules soon to come into force in the EU will compel digital services to operate more fairly. The way they recommend content will become more transparent, and we as users will have new ways to defend our rights. Competition between companies of different sizes on online platforms will become fairer, and the online environment will become more reliable and safer.