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ABC of data protection 2 – deeper in data protection

Tuotanto: Digi- ja väestötietovirasto ja eOppiva

Mitä opin:

  • You know how to make data protection part of information management as a whole
  • You are aware of the roles and responsibilities related to the organisation’s data protection
  • You know the relationship between publicity of documents and data protection legislation
  • You know how to take data protection into account when making purchases and agreements

Produced by: The Digital and Population Data Services Agency and eOppiva

Data protection implements everyone’s right to privacy. What if this fundamental right is in conflict with other fundamental rights? How is data protection adapted to, for instance, publicity of documents that is also a fundamental right?

This training examines the relationship between data protection and other fundamental rights, deepens the picture of data protection as part of an organisation's activities and familiarises the learner with its application in procurement, for example.

The training is a continuation of the ABC of data protection for public administration personnel 2020 training. This training is specifically intended for public administration employees who process a lot of personal data in their work.