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Digitally Secure Life test

Tuotanto: Digi- ja väestötietovirasto ja eOppiva

Mitä opin:

  • You are stopping to think about digital security.
  • You are paying attention to the classification of information and the use of spaces, equipment and services at work and in your free time.
  • You are mindful of information security and privacy in communications.
  • You are vigilant against scams and other cybercrime.

Welcome to testing your digital security skills!

The purpose of the Digitally Secure Life test is to get peace of mind that you are able to react correctly in everyday situations where digital security may be compromised. The test has you think about how the employees of the municipality of Tyrskylä should act when facing everyday digital security challenges. The test lets you demonstrate that you have the basic digital security skills you need at work.

The Digitally Secure Life test is designed to work as well as possible in most organisations. Make sure to read and follow the digital security guidelines of your organisation.

The Digitally Secure Life test is part of the Digitally Secure Life training module.