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Data Quality – Significance and Description of Quality

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  • I will understand why quality descriptions are important
  • I will recognise the different perspectives of data quality
  • I will get tips on how to get started in describing data quality

Information plays an enormous role in society and people's everyday lives. The more reliable information is and the better it is able to describe reality, the more value the information has.

The training will inspire you to reflect on the significance of data quality specifically in your own work, more broadly at the level of the entire organisation and from the perspective of cross-border cooperation and society as a whole. You will learn the basics of describing quality and different aspects of quality through common data quality criteria. Practical examples and reflection assignments will increase your understanding of data quality.

The training is part of the implementation of information policy, and it is intended especially for those working in expert positions in public administration and for orientation to anyone interested in describing and measuring the quality of information.