eOppiva - Etusivulle Kirjaudu

Finland abroad – international opportunities for civil servants

Tuotanto: eOppiva ja HAUS kehittämiskeskus

Mitä opin:

  • To understand the principles and opportunities of international activities for civil servants
  • To gain basic knowledge of capacity building, institutional cooperation and especially Twinning projects
  • To gain know-how about roles and responsibilities of project participants
  • To reflect own participation in international projects or positions

This training aims to provide an overview of Finnish good governance expertise in the international projects and initiatives of capacity building and institutional cooperation. It is targeted for civil servants and management interested in international opportunities in capacity building, institutional cooperation and Twinning.

The course increases the knowledge about international cooperation and instruments to join international cooperation. It shares the good practices of project management and success stories of Finnish civil servants participating in different capacity building projects. After completing the course, the learners will have an understanding of the opportunities and possibilities to join international activities and positions in the EU, EU’s neighborhood and globally.

The expertise in good governance and public administration is much needed at the global level. There is a strong foundation for Finland and Finnish stakeholders to participate in international cooperation that aims at addressing the world's greatest development challenges. As a case example, this course introduces Twinning instrument as an opportunity to share European know-how on an international platform.