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  1. Diversity in working life – information and tools for public administration

    By undertaking to apply diversity-promoting operating models, an organisation

  2. Basics of EU data economy regulation – fair rules for online platforms

    Do you produce your own content on social media platforms or advertise

  3. Julkri – Assess And Develop Information Security

    In this training, you will learn about Julkri, the assessment criteria for

  4. Business and Human Rights: Practitioner Course

    Following the completion of the Business and Human Rights: Introductory

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  5. Processing and protection of secret information

    This course discusses how secret information is processed in a secure and

  6. Business and Human Rights: Introductory Course

    This course has been designed to help you as a government official to

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  7. Finland abroad – international opportunities for civil servants

    This training aims to provide an overview of Finnish good governance

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  8. AI & EU Law: definition and developments

    This course is created by European Institute of Public Administration.

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  9. Organising digital security through architecture

    In this training, you will learn what digital security is and how digital

  10. Data Sharing - Benefits and Operating Methods Related to Public Data Sharing

    Data sharing is beneficial for society as a whole, as it creates better

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  11. Data Quality - Significance and Description of Quality

    Information plays an enormous role in society and people's everyday lives.

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  12. Data Interoperability – Significance and Facilitators

    Data interoperability is of enormous benefit to society as a whole, but it

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