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Learning at Work

Tuotanto: Academy of Brain

Mitä opin:

  • Understand the prerequisites for learning
  • Recognize the situational and emotional factors that impact learning
  • Master the best practices of learning
  • Develop an attitude of continuous learning

Learning has become an essential part of our work life, and its importance continues to increase. However, often learning is seen as relevant only when you are required to know something or master a new skill. Even though the benefits of learning have a positive impact on several areas of your life, it improves brain functions and efficiency, increases life expectancy, and boosts creativity — furthermore, a curious and willing to learn person likely experiences lower stress levels and higher motivation.

This mini-tutorial offers you the tips and tricks for efficient learning – make learning part of your everyday life!

This training has been obtained from an outside supplier and is not tailored to the needs of the government.