Improve Your Recovery Skills

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Recovery divides into two: physical and mental – body and mind. Physical recovery is the basis on which mental recovery builds. Most of us know what physical recovery processes there are: sleep, nutrition & exercise. But what do you know about mental recovery? Do you know how you could improve your mental recovery? In this tutorial, you will learn methods and processes to develop your recovery skills, welcome!

Mitä opin?

  • You’ll understand what thing affect your recovery
  • You’ll learn more about mental recovery processes
  • You’ll gain practical tools to energize yourself


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Koulutuksen sisältö
  • Introduction
    • Improve your recovery skills
  • Five Aspects of Mental Recovery
    • Five recovery experiences
    • Encounters
    • Engagement
    • Meaningfulness
    • Sense of Achievement
    • Pleasure
  • Physical Recovery
    • Sleep, Exercise & Nutrition


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