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What Is AuroraAI?

Tuotanto: eOppiva ja valtiovarainministeriö

Mitä opin:

  • I will learn that the AuroraAI network will enable the reciprocal interaction of services by means of AI.
  • I will learn that the AuroraAI network aims to bring individuals and services available in society together in a better and more impactful and personalised way.
  • I will learn that organisations can make use of the AuroraAI network and its services as well as the entire programme’s outputs to develop their own operations and services.

What kinds of changes will we face when we start applying artificial intelligence (AI) for the benefit of people? This question is addressed by the National Artificial Intelligence Programme, AuroraAI. On this introductory training course, we will learn about how AI can help bring people and services together. The course is the first part of the ‘Humans, artificial intelligence and society’ training package.