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High Performing Team

Tuotanto: Academy of Brain

Mitä opin:

  • Improve your teamwork skills
  • Learn about teams in general: team stages, roles, rules, conflicts
  • Improve your team’s atmosphere

Work is done together. The quality of teamwork determines the end result and the atmosphere. High Performing Team tutorial answers the question: How do I enhance teamwork?

The tutorial focuses on the most common challenges and most prominent solutions for teamwork. The tutorial is focused on developing team practices, creating a common goal, understanding and appreciating diversity as a resource, and enhancing decision-making and implementation.

We recommend that the teams conduct the training together so that each member of the team completes the content of the module independently and then the team leader facilitates a joint discussion on the subject. The tutorial will provide the facilitator with instructions on how to guide the coaching.

This training has been obtained from an outside supplier and is not tailored to the needs of the government.