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Focusing skills

Tuotanto: Academy of Brain

Mitä opin:

  • You’ll understand what things affect your concentration, and how can you tackle them.
  • You´ll achieve the ability to direct your energy into the things that matter.
  • You’ll learn simple ways to maintain your energy.

Focusing means the ability to direct your energy into things that matter. In order to do a good job, you must focus on the task. Today, however, our lives are full of interruptions and stimuli that distract our minds. In this course, you will learn to master five focusing skills. These skills respond to the following questions:

What am I doing? – Goal

  • How am I doing this? – Managing your time

  • Why am I doing this? – Meaning and values

  • Who am I and how it affects my actions? – Personality

  • How do I maintain my act? – Energy

This tutorial focuses on developing your ability to focus. Keep in mind, however, that your ability to focus is heavily dependent on other people and the way your work is organized.