Everyday Mind Skills

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Did you know that you miss out on the majority of your experiences? Your brain produces unique experiences every waking moment, but you are able to notify only a small part of them. Emotions and needs have a strong effect on your behaviour. Whether they are good or bad, all emotions are needed and valuable.

This tutorial aims to help you acknowledge and accept your emotions and needs. By practicing, you will be able to control, express and take responsibility for your emotions.

This training has been obtained from an outside supplier and is not tailored to the needs of the government.

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  • You’ll learn to acknowledge your emotions and control threat mode
  • You´ll learn to express and take responsibility for your emotions
  • You’ll learn about perceptions and positive inner talk


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Koulutuksen sisältö
    • Introduction
      • Everyday Mind Skills
    • Consciously Present in Your Mind & Body
      • Threat Mode & How to Control it
      • Your Behavior is Guided by Emotions & Needs
      • Exercises & Top Learnings
    • Awareness & Responsibility
      • Breathe Consciously
      • Responsibility for Your Experience
      • How to Become More Responsible
      • Working with Experiences
    • Mind Skills
      • Perceptions & Inner Talk
      • Prosocial Behavior & Listening