Coaching Leadership

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According to research, coaching leadership enhances individuals' wellbeing and boosts productivity within the organization. This tutorial gives you good practical tools for growing into the coaching role. There are a lot of different leadership styles. Research indicates that a good leader employs three to four styles flexibly. How can you learn to apply the right style for the right moment?

Mitä opin?

  • Learn about different leadership styles
  • Learn to implement these different leadership styles in your work
  • Become a coaching leader


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Koulutuksen sisältö
  • Introduction
    • What is Coaching Leadership?
      • How Adults Learn
      • Leadership Styles
      • Basic Principles of Coaching
    • Coaching in Practice
      • Coaching in Practice
      • Coaching Questions
    • Prerequisites
      • Prerequisites
      • Situational Awareness
      • Additional Practices
    • Becoming a Coaching Leader
      • Growing into the Coaching Role
      • Common Challenges